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Breakthrough insights. Supercharged marketing.


Customer focused marketing and strategy. 

Lower acquisition cost. Higher retention rate. Loyalty.

Brands that understand, empathize with and speak directly to their customers get noticed, see improved marketing ROI and make more money. 

It’s that simple. 

So how do you find what matters? And how do you take that insight and turn it into action?

That’s where I come in.  I help businesses grow by providing insight, strategy and activation for effective marketing.

If you want to be vital to your customers, your customers must be vital to you.

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Questions I ask:

What don’t you know yet about your customers that’s holding your business back?

Have you found your “tilt” that makes you actually different than everyone else? 

Is your marketing strategy truly aligned with growth?

Are you developing content that is connecting with your ideal customers and influencing behavior?  And channels?

Is your team prepared to programmatically deploy top-notch acquisition or retention content and campaigns?


Services I offer: 

Acquisition and Engagement Planning

Audience Insight

Brand and Messaging

Buyer Journey Mapping

Campaign Activation

Content Strategy

Competitive Evalutation

Retention and Loyalty



huddle up

For business owners that don't know where to start, need immediate guidance or are considering a total pivot. Huddle Up includes an in-person or video discussion and a 1-2 page document of my feedback and suggestions on topics such as: customer identity, content, brand alignment, marketing strategy. 

Huddle Up is also perfect if you have a specific need or want to a review of your current personas, messaging, or strategy.

deep dive

Think of Deep Dive like an X-ray exam for your business. We'll go through an in-depth workshop where we'll start to uncover insights about your customers, company and competition. The end result will be an overview of your current business with suggestions for how to move forward. Most Deep Dive customers are start-ups or businesses that need clarity and focus around brand and differentiators.

Deep Dive is my most popular package.


growth plan

For businesses that want to grow and don't have time to waste. Growth Plan is the bridge between deciding what to do and actually doing it. You'll get a detailed roadmap so you know where to invest to see the most impact. Key deliverables may include:

- A content audit

- Personas

- A buyer's journey

- A competitive analysis

- A marketing plan


A few brands I have been lucky enough to work with in my career:

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A data brain with a marketing heart. 

I've always approached marketing with data in one hand and empathy in the other. My greatest passion is going into organizations that feel frustrated or out of touch with their customers and helping create understanding and connection. That's why I've built a career translating customer insight to business stakeholders and creating marketing programs and new products that turn those insights into revenue. 

Looking for details? Here's my LinkedIn

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